The X Files, Rob Bowman (1998)

The alien virus being propogated by a shadowy international cabal at a secret underground research station slash spaceship at the North Pole makes perfect sense to me, but c’mon, that bit about running out of gas at just the wrong moment? Totally unbelievable.

Also, “Rob Bowman” sounds like a pseudonym.

I think I need an HBO intervention.


  1. Did I ever tell you that Gillian Anderson took acting classes with me when we were in high school? True story. To me she’ll always be a sulky Goth teen from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Actually, truth be told, she was obviously and intensely gifted, even then.

  2. Gillian Anderson, co-student. You are so cool! I hear she hated D Duchovny, and I think he’s a little skeevy myself, but I did love Scully and Mulder. As I also did your review of Meghan O”Rourke.

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