Fun with Dick and Jane, Ted Kotcheff (1977) and Dean Parisot (2005)

15obgndI thought if I watched these back to back, I might come up with something pithy to say about How America Has Changed In The Last Thirty Years, but I was wrong. Nothing’s changed at all. The poor are invisible. The middle class lives in terror of becoming invisible. The rich are a bunch of amoral, greedy bastards who are smart enough to come up with elaborate methods to screw the rest of us, yet stupid enough to be foiled by the harebrained schemes of a sparky couple from the suburbs. People of color exist to be told what to do by white people.

Speaking of which, one thing I did think was kind of interesting was that both Dicks wind up looking for work in the company of illegal Mexican immigrants, and both get busted by La Migra. I hope to God that by the time this story gets remade again, this country has instituted a rational and humane immigration policy, not necessarily in that order.

How’s that for a random comment?

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