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Up in the Air, Jason Reitman (2009)

I adored Reitman’s Juno and was ready to feel the same about this, but no dice. Suffice to say that the grownups in this film are far less complex and as a result far more predictable than the kids in Juno, so there’s just not as much here to hold your attention. I didn’t hate it at all, and I enjoyed looking at it, but finally its too formulaic to think about for very long.

You know what would have helped? Casting someone damaged for the lead, instead of George “Rico Suave” Clooney. The whole thing has to turn on this character gaining consciousness that his life is empty, but it’s clear from frame one that his life is awesome, because he’s George Clooney.

A young Jack Lemmon. That would have helped.

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  1. Agreed–like he's supposed to be some Midwestern doof made good. He's George Fucking Clooney.

    Also, he goes on and on about how much he loves his life: his entire diet consists of airline food and hotel restaurant food. Like that's the high life.

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