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Missing, Costa Gavras (1982)

Costa Gavras is my hero. I yammer all the time about the ethics, pitfalls, complexities, etc. of addressing real injustice through imaginative art; this guy just steps up and does it. He makes me feel ashamed for my mincing, but he also inspires me.

This one is probably his second-best, after Z. The relationship between Spacek and Lemmon begins in deepest antipathy and slowly, subtly, turns into the strongest love imaginable; they each perform beautifully.

Meanwhile, the political analysis underway is both exacting and fully accessible, which seems to me miraculous.

The film makes me nostalgic for the days when the American government found it necessary to lie to its citizens. Now they just say, “Well of course we’re torturing people, holding people in detention without charge, and supporting corrupt and inhuman dictators. What the heck did you think?”