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Thunderbirds Are GO, David Lane (1966)

Amazing! I had no idea! Thank you Turner Classic Movies! Cold war paranoia in marionette form! Plus really weird sexual humiliation undertones! Plus outer space nightclub dream sequence! And no one ever stands up or walks! If people need to go somewhere, like even just across the room, their chairs just sort of slide over there! What’s particularly giggle-inducing is how seriously all the characters take themselves. As if they are trying to compensate for the fact that, as marionettes, they are inherently ridiculous. F.A.B.!

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  1. I have “Thunderbird Six,” a kind of odd anti-military industrial complex movie in marionette-cum-Thunderbird movie on DVD if you ever wish to watch this.

    There are a lot of sequences in which someone is being transported via wheelchair, elevator, car, etc, without actually having to move a limb.

    I also have “Thunderbirds are GO” on DVD.

    And before you accuse me of being a nerd, you’re a poet.

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