Ne le dis à personne (Tell No One), Guillaume Canet (2006)

Un peu de Chinatown, un peu de Spoorloos, un peu de Endless Love. Something for everyone!

Wow, I loved typing “Spoorloos” up there.

Everybody whines about cultural homogenization, but ya know what? This here’s a thriller in which a serial killer’s signature move is to bury his gorgeous female victims in gorgeous forest glades alongside gorgeous eviscerated dogs; it is acknowledged that children have erotic lives; doctors smoke; and the hero arrives at the climactic scene in a Volvo station wagon, walks through a meadow dripping in honeyed sunlight, finds the tree in which he and his childhood girlfriend carved their names, drops to his knees, and cries.

There will always be a France.

Nothing spectacular here, but a perfectly respectable night at the movies.

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