Tortoise, A Lazarus Taxon (2006)

My dorkmeister alter-ego DJ Big Baby just bought himself Tortoise‘s box set of rarities, A Lazarus Taxon. Even geekier: it’s out of print, so I bought it on eBay. My suspicion is that the kind of people who like Tortoise are the kind of people who would have liked Emerson Lake and Palmer had they been born twenty years earlier. This suspicion (I don’t know why I’m calling it a suspicion, when it’s so clearly a fact) has kept me in the closet about my Tortoise love for a long time. No longer. They’re just too much fun. Part jazz, part rock, part electronica . . . It’s eggheady, yes, and white as Pat Boone, but its atmospheres are undeniably unique and intriguing. So pooh. I’m a goon and so what.

Note that the songs in these videos aren’t from A Lazarus Taxon; couldn’t find any on YouTube.

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