Kontroll, Nimród Antal (2003)

Budapest is cool, subways are kind of cool, so I guess the Budapest subway is sort of double cool, but a movie set entirely in the Budapest subway and trying really hard to be cool . . . It’s so much cool it ceases to be cool. Interesting to see this so soon after 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. Different country, different story, I know, I know, unfair and reductive to compare them, but both films do possess this feeling of straining after effect, trying a little too hard to be jaded, everyone in ratty black leather jackets slumped in ratty black furniture smoking ratty black cigarettes under flickering fluorescent lights. I’m regretting the comparison already; Mungiu’s film, for all its faults, is so much more politically engaged and mature than this, which is essentially a comedy and a mess. And yet.

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