Moog, Hans Fjellestad (2004)

I happen to be a big fan of electronic music, and so thought this documentary about the inventor of the synthesizer might be enjoyable, especially since it promised appearances by DJ Spooky and Stereolab, household gods around here.

Sadly, the movie’s pretty much a disaster. Moog is clearly a sweet old man, but I don’t really need to watch him walk through his garden picking green peppers and talking about how gardening and inventing are somehow related, but in a way he can’t describe. I think what happened here is that the filmmakers thought that because Moog is so awesome, all they had to do was turn the camera on and let him talk. There’s a thing called editing, and it’s important.

The best part is watching the astonishing Pamelia Kurstin play the theremin. My god! Who knew!

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