A. R. Ammons, Sphere
John Ashbery, Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror
Quan Barry, Controvertibles
Ted Berrigan, The Sonnets
Kamau Brathwaite, Born to Slow Horses
Olena Kalytiak Davis, shattered sonnets love cards and other off and back handed importunities
Philip Larkin, The Whitsun Weddings
Thylias Moss, Last Chance for the Tarzan Holler
Frank O’Hara, Lunch Poems
Kay Ryan, The Niagara River
Jean Valentine, The Cradle of the Real Life
Martin Campbell, Casino Royale
Barbara Jane Reyes, Poeta en San Francisco
Evelyn Waugh, Black Mischief
Evelyn Waugh, Scoop
Matthew Zapruder, The Pajamaist

And a bunch of other things, but these are the ones I’ve remembered not to forget.

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